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SiliaMetS Thiol.......A Johnson & Johnson Case Study


Publication: Houpis I.N. & all, Organic Process Research & Development, 13 (2009) p.598
Johnson & Johnson PRD, API Development, Belgium, and Solvias A.G., Synthesis and Catalysis, Switzerland.
In 2009, J&J in collaboration with Solvias published a paper in witch they developed a mild Sonogashira reaction using various metal catalysts. Treatment with SiliaMetS Thiol removed simultanously Pd, Cu & Al. Residual concentrations were respectively < 50, 10, and 3 ppm, in the isolated product 3. Take a look at J&J’s publication for more details.
Note: copper comes from a previous synthesis step.


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सुकून उतना ही देना प्रभू, जितने से जिंदगी चल जाये। औकात बस इतनी देना, कि औरों का भला हो जाये।

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सुकून उतना ही देना प्रभू, जितने से
जिंदगी चल जाये।
औकात बस इतनी देना,
कि औरों का भला हो जाये।

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